Friday, December 23, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baby Mae Gamble Bromley

Born Sept. 27th 2011
6 lbs 12 oz
18 1/2 inches
Here Mae is with her 1st stuffed animal, Winston.
The kids got it for her from Build-A-Bear.
For now she has brown hair... which is a 1st with our kids.
Our little family of 6
These 3 are constantly wanting to be the one who holds Mae next.
Lucy is a natural with her.
She takes good care of Mae.
I think she might even be more comfortable
with holding babies than most adults are.
Ruby wants to pet and hold Mae all the time.
In fact she calls her, "My Baby".
If you disagree with her, she will stare you down till you are brought to your knees.
(so don't even bother)
Max is Mae's body guard.
He mainly protects her from getting too much love from Ruby.
Funny, because Ruby has no one to protect her from Max.
We are loving our little Miss Mae!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Ruby (it's about time!)

Oma saved the day with a delicious Ice Cream Cake for Ruby!
Ruby and Lynnie the "Huh Huh Pet" (wonder pet)
The Crew working on the cake
Papa Brian & Oma
Mimi & Lucy pulling some sweet faces.
I think Max just might want 2nds.
Oma & Mimi with their girl

Can't forget Daddy
And this is what my prego belly looked like in May...
(about 19 weeks pregnant)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Max the Birthday Boy

Max got more than what he wanted for his Birthday.
That's one great thing about turning 4
(at least Max is easily pleased).

The happy day had:
Mint Ice Cream Cake
Good Friends
Papa and Mimi
One of his favorite friends.

Later that week:
Daddy took him to the Jazz game.
Max loved every second of it.
The Jazz kicked the Sixers butts.

For my Birthday
We all went to the Mall.
The kids got the coolest shoes at the Converse store.
I bought more clothes than I've bought in over 6 years...
to cover my baby bump.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Anyone up for a little Birthday Ear Piercing?

Smile Away!
This is before Lucy had a clue
of what she was getting herself into.
I love this shot.
Notice the Grandmas snapping shots
of Lucy picking out her earrings.
Me signing consent forms.
Josh might have lost some
cuddling privileges for this one.
Max lending his support!
And now...
Reality hits!

And the other side is even worse.
Oh wait...
Hey that wasn't so bad.
Didn't even hurt.

Lucy's Birthday & Annual Valentine cookie decorating

There's her cake. Can you see her excitement?
(The cake was free, am I a bad mom for taking a handout?)

On to Cookie decorating:
Ella, Lucy & Drew
Boston & Max
The genius behind the cookies
Aunt Jailyn
Everyone getting in on the fun!
Ruby trying to distract me from her mess with her cuteness.
I'm pretty sure that works every time.
The finished product! Don't those look good!

Jumpin' Jacks
Mimi & Ella
Lucy & Boston
Annie and Julie hoppin' in on the action
Max trying to avoid a picture.
Going to Gnomio and Juliet
with Austin, Jaden, Max, & Lucy.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Free Froggin'

Our favorite neighbor has once again given us the gift of pets.
This time we welcomed 2 fire bellied toads into the family.
Lucy's pet is Fire and
Wait for it...
Max's toad's name is Max!
Even though it's been two months since we got these guys,
the kids continue to get up on the counter and watch them.
I personally love their croaking... It's kind of therapeutic.

This kid is constantly look for the next thrill.
When Daddy is 6'2" and you have a Love Sac,
you don't have to look far!
Yeah, it looks scary, but...
Look at the satisfaction on that kid's face!